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Know your rights

This is the law!

In the State of New York, you as the consumer have the right to select the auto collision repair facility of your choice. This laws are  necessary because insurance companies routinely make deals with "preferred shops". Insurance companies use strong pressure tactics to get you into one of their "recommended" auto body shops so that they can control the amount of money spent on the repair to your vehicle. Insurance companies tell their shops how to write the estimates, how much to charge and which parts to use for your vehicle. It makes you wonder who the auto repair Shop is working for you or the insurance company.

We believe some insurers want your vehicle repaired as cheaply as possible at any cost. Your insurer may try to convince you to take your car to a shop other than the one you want. This practice is called 'steering' and is illegal if you have already selected a shop. The shop that repairs your vehicle should represent you, not the insurer. Simply put, if steering was stopped, collision repairs would go to those who do the best work.

We place our customers' needs above the insurance companies' cost cutting measures and deliver an outstanding auto body repair with honesty & integrity

Don't be steered into a shop that the insurance companies recommend!

Be a smart consumer and exercise your right to choose an honest auto body shop that will charge a fair rate forexcellent work! Remember, you are the vehicle owner, not the insurance company.

You have the right to select an auto body repair shop that will repair auto body damage and for that repair to be covered by the insurance company. An insurance company can not require repairs to be done at a special auto body repair shop.

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